5 Best Tinder Spy Apps To Reveal All The Hidden Truth

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Tinder!! the name is enough to get all your ears. And if you hear it from your kids, your lover, or any of your loved ones, you might doubt that something is not right.

And if by any chance you have seen the installation of Tinder on their phone, you are dead sure that you are missing something really important.

But as you all know, directly asking them to open the Tinder app and show you what’s going on is rude. And maybe, this can result in an unwanted rift between you two.

That’s why today we will list out the 5 best hidden Tinder spy apps that work remotely.

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Best Tinder Spy Apps

#1 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • Instant updates on new Tinder activities
  • Date and time stamp available with each screenshot or text
  • Tinder screenshots are of good quality
  • It’s possible to download the screenshots
  • You can track Tinder activities in the form of both screenshots and texts

The Bad

  • The search bar of KidsGuard Pro needs a fix

We have mentioned KidsGuard Pro for monitoring of Snapchat, monitoring of Kik, Tracking of Facebook Messenger, and so many other apps. And now we are again mentioning the app for the monitoring of the Tinder account.

Just like for all the social media and instant messaging apps, KidsGuard Pro can give you instant updates for Tinder as well.

Along with instant updates, the app will give you continuous screenshots and that too from all the corners of the Tinder account. This covers messages, the home page, checking profile, top picks, and even the app installation pages if Tinder is installed after the installation of KidsGuard Pro.

tracking tinder messages

Initially, the screenshots are going to be small in size. But there’s no need to worry as, with a single click, you can open them in full size. And by clicking on the download icon, you can keep them personally safe with you.

downloading screenshots

The screenshots are not the only way to monitor your teen with KidsGuard Pro. All the messages that the teen sends to their matching partner on Tinder are available in the form of text as well.

tracking of tinder messages

With each message, be it in the form of text or screenshots, a timestamp is available. This will make you aware that at what time the teen is most active on Tinder.

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#2 uMobix

The Good

  • Quick updates on Tinder activities
  • Big and clear screenshots
  • Continuous screenshots
  • You can know when someone is online on Tinder

The Bad

  • You won’t get any updates in text form

Let’s get to the other great app to spy on Tinder activities. uMobix can deliver you the truth that your spouse is hiding in their Tinder account.

Once you install the uMobix app on their phone, the next time they open Tinder on their device, you will get instant screenshots.

These screenshots can be taken anytime. So there’s no way you will miss something important. Plus there’s no limit to the number of screenshots that you will get. As long as they use Tinder, you will get the screenshots continuously.

checking tinder top picks with umobix

As you can see, the screenshots are big in size and of high quality, making your Tinder spying experience even better.

While testing the app, we received screenshots from the messages section, while checking someone’s profile, while checking their own profile, top picks section, the home page, and every possible corner.

Unlike KidsGuard Pro, uMobix does not deliver text messages, just screenshots. But as these screenshots are continuous, you won’t miss something important.

umobix tinder spying

Still not convinced why uMobix would be your best choice? Well, what if we tell you that you will get to know whenever they are online on Tinder? We are getting your attention now, aren’t we!

But yes, that’s true. Whenever your spouse will be online on Tinder, you will see an online tag in front of the app name.

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#3 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • Screenshots from Tinder are continuous
  • The screenshots are of high quality
  • Possible to download the screenshots
  • You will receive the data directly on the dashboard, no need to go anywhere else.

The Bad

  • Tracking of Tinder data is not possible in text form
  • As the screenshots are not organized, you may miss monitoring important screenshots

Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or even Tinder, Hoverwatch gives continuous screenshots from the target device to its users.

Once you are on the online portal of the app after the installation of Hoverwatch, you don’t need to go anywhere. All the screenshots will directly appear on the dashboard.

The data sync speed of Hoverwatch is decent, not bad but not so good either.

As everything is based on screenshots, you will see the time directly appearing on the phone screen. So, there’s no need for Hoverwatch to give you a time and date stamp with each screenshot.

howerwatch tinder spy app

The main problem while working with Hoverwatch is that the screenshots from different apps are not organized. All the screenshots are present in one place and you will receive them continuously, making the list of screenshots too long. This may result in missing an important Tinder message.

As for the tracking of Tinder, you are not just limited to messages. Everything related to the app is under your watch, be it chats, profile, top picks, or any other thing you can think of.

tinder spy with hoverwatch

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#4 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Tracking of Tinder activities is possible with screenshots
  • Downloading the screenshots is possible
  • You can see all the sent messages in the Keylogger section
  • Date and time available with each message
  • Decent data upload speed

The Bad

  • The screenshots for Tinder might appear under some other app name and not Tinder

iKeyMonitor is one of the few undetectable apps that gives its users access to advanced features like call recording and remote photos. So giving the results for Tinder is not a big deal for the app.

On the contrary, after signing up if you go to the Tinder section you might not see any results at all as it happened in our case. But this might not happen to you.

If the same happens with you it doesn’t mean you cannot monitor the Tinder activities of your teen using iKeyMonitor. By going to the Keystrokes section you can see all the messages that your teen sent to their Tinder matches.

spying tinder with ikeymonitor keylogger

The keystrokes section is not your only way to monitor Tinder activities. In the Screenshots – app section, you can see all the screenshots remotely that iKeyMonitor has taken while the teen was using Tinder.

tinder spy with ikeymonnitor

But as you can see, the screenshots for Tinder are available in the Telegram section, which is quite bizarre. Downloading the screenshots is possible as well.

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#5 mSpy

The Good

  • Continuous screenshots from Tinder app
  • Date and time stamp available with each screenshot
  • Possible to download screenshots
  • All the Tinder screenshots are clear and of high quality

The Bad

  • The data sync speed of the app is bad
  • Tracking of messages is not possible with text

Tracking Tinder activities can never be so easy. mSpy once installed on the target phone will extract all the necessary Tinder data that you need for monitoring your loved ones.

You will see a Tinder section appearing on the left side. However, you will only see the data appearing in that section if the target phone is rooted.

For unrooted target cell phones, all the data will appear in the Screenrecorder section of the app. Instead of simple text messages, you will get the results in the form of screenshots.

With each Tinder screenshot that you receive, you will see a download icon as well. So if you find something that you think should be saved locally on your device, you can download that screenshot.

Knowing the time when your lover is most active on Tinder is also possible. With each screenshot, you can see a date and time stamp included.

One thing that stops mSpy from becoming a top Tinder monitoring spyware is its data sync speed. The app takes quite some time in uploading the new data. So if you are someone who is always impatient then mSpy is not your deal to steal.

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Why Spying On Tinder Is Important?

Tinder is not something that one would like to use just to pass their time as we normally do on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. It’s an app that is clearly intended to fix up the people.

So if you find the Tinder app on your spouse’s phone then it clearly means that they are looking for someone or they have already found someone. Meaning, your relation with your lover is on the verge of getting broken.

But whatever be the case, it’s your right to know the truth and that is possible with the help of a good Tinder spy app.


How To Spy On Tinder?

You can spy on Tinder with the help of a good Tinder spy app.

What Is The Best Undetectable Tinder Spy App?

As per our testing, KidsGuard Pro is the best undetectable Tinder spy app.

Do I Need To Root The Target Android Phone For Spying On Tinder Activities?

With the spy apps we have mentioned, there's no need to root the target Android phone for monitoring Tinder.

How Do I Know If My Spouse Is On Tinder?

If you install a spy app on their device, you can see the updates in the Tinder section if they are using it.

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