5 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Without Target Phone

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Do you recall the earliest apps that were used to make online friends? You might not remember but we clearly do. Facebook was one of the earliest apps that started the trend of making online friends and sending messages to random people.

Till now, Facebook has helped unite millions of people with their old school buddies and in making new friends as well. But, does every new person you are connecting to has a good intention just like you? Of course not. And this makes you wonder if your loved ones are safe on Facebook or not.

In spite of always being in a dilemma about how your lover or your teen uses Facebook, it’s better to keep an eye on their Facebook activities until you are sure about their safety.

Don’t panic as you don’t need to do that manually, a spy app will do the wonders for you. Spy apps work in stealth mode, so they are undetectable. Plus, with the apps mentioned in the list, you don’t need to root the target phone as well.

So, let’s start with the best Facebook Messenger spy apps before your loved ones get in some trouble and it’s too late to act.

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Best Apps To Spy On Facebook Messenger

#1 iKeyMonitor

The Good

  • Quick updates on activities
  • Date and time stamp available with each message
  • Tracking of Messenger is also possible with photos
  • Multiple filtering options available

The Bad

  • Received messages might not appear in the Facebook section

messenger tracking

The tracking of Messenger and other Facebook activities is quite impressive in iKeyMonitor. This spying app for Facebook gives quick results making it possible for you to take the action quickly if you notice something wrong.

All the Facebook messages can be checked in the Facebook section of the app.

On the left side, you will see the list of Facebook friends of your spouse, and by clicking on any of them, all the conversations done with that person will appear on the right side.

With each and every message that is sent or received, the date and time stamp can be seen. This makes it easy to know the time when your lover is most active on Facebook.

There are some chances that you might not see the messages that the target person sends. But you will see all the messages that they receive. If such a thing happens in your case, then you have to switch to the Keystrokes section to check for the sent messages.

Each and every keystroke has the app name mentioned adjacent to it, simplifying for you to understand which messages are sent in Messenger and which ones in other apps.

iKeyMonitor does not make you rely on just texts, you can also check the screenshots that were secretly taken while the target person was using Facebook or Messenger.

Once you go to the Screenshots – app section, you will see all the screenshots sorted app-wise. Select Facebook to see all the screenshots related to that app.

screenshots from apps

The screenshots will be taken anytime, no matter what is being done on Facebook. This includes the message section, commenting on photos, or scrolling through the feed.

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#2 Hoverwatch

The Good

  • No limit to the number of screenshots
  • The screenshots are of good quality
  • Quick updates
  • Downloading screenshots is possible

The Bad

  • All the screenshots are available in one place making the tracking hard

Tracking with photos is always preferred over tracking with text. This increases the reliability of the information that you receive.

Keeping this in mind, here we bring forth Hoverwatch, an app that clicks screenshots remotely while the user is using Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or any other app on their phone.

There’s no limit to how many screenshots Hoverwatch will take. Giving our honest review, while tracking with Hoverwatch there’s hardly any Facebook activity that you will miss on spying.

It doesn’t matter what your teen is doing on Facebook; screenshots will be taken from every screen and uploaded on Hoverwatch online portal.

Each and every screenshot is of good quality and you can download them as well.

Unlike other apps, there is no separate section by the name Facebook or Messenger. You will get the screenshots from all the apps in one place. Due to this, the total number of screenshots is going to be enormous, making it difficult to track all the Facebook-related screenshots.

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#3 KidsGuard Pro

The Good

  • The app shows both texts and screenshots
  • Date and time available with each message
  • Screenshots are of high quality
  • Possible to download screenshots
  • Quick updates

The Bad

  • The search bar of KidsGuard Pro does not work properly

kidsguard pro messenger tracking

Be it the tracking of WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram, KidsGuard Pro never disappointed us. And the same can be said for KidsGuard Pro Facebook tracking.

With a combination of both text and photos, KidsGuard is one of the best undetectable Android spy apps for tracking Facebook and Messenger activities without the target phone.

For each and every activity, you will get updated in not more than 5 minutes, so will feel like you are tracking the target person in real-time and that too remotely.

To keep a track of the Facebook messages, you need to go to the Messenger section. All the messages either sent or received will appear here.

Want to know the time when your child is most active on Facebook? The date and time stamp will help you know that.

The screenshots that you receive will be small in size, and you need to click on them to open in full size. Downloading the screenshots is also possible.

best apps for facebook messenger spy

Just like Facebook messages, you can spy on other Facebook activities with KidsGuard Pro as well. For that, you need to switch to the Facebook section.

What all the teen likes to see on Facebook, what they comment, Facebook section will reveal everything.

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#4 uMobix

The Good

  • Continuous screenshots are sent
  • Screenshots are of good quality
  • Possible to download screenshots
  • With online tag, you will know when the user is active on Facebook

The Bad

  • The tracking is only possible with screenshots, no text.

As we said before, tracking via photos is always preferred against tracking with text. So here’s another spy app that works by sending continuous screenshots.

uMobix Facebook section is the place where you will find all the Facebook-related screenshots of the target Android phone.

The screenshots taken are continuous and of good quality, making your tracking with uMobix successful.

Just as expected from a good monitoring app, uMobix will take screenshots from any screen, whether the child is commenting on a post, watching some video, or viewing someone’s profile.

The size of the screenshots is enough to see the main content clearly. Plus the screenshots are downloadable.

With all the screenshots, you will see a date and time stamp to know when your spouse is doing a particular conversation.

uMobix has a special feature that will let you know when the target person is online on Facebook. Whenever the target person opens Facebook on their device, you will see an online tag in front of the Facebook section.

Once you see the online tag, you can continuously monitor the Facebook activities to see what they are doing in real-time.

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#5 mSpy

The Good

  • Tracking with screenshots is possible
  • High-Quality screenshots
  • Possible to download the screenshots
  • Date and time stamp available with each screenshot

The Bad

  • The data sync speed is not good

Being a popular spy app surely gives some responsibilities to mSpy. And thankfully, mSpy has always held high on our expectations with its good monitoring skills.

With its Screenrecorder feature, mSpy tracks all the activities going on Facebook in the form of photos.

mspy messenger tracking

As soon as your spouse opens the Facebook app, mSpy starts to work in the background and starts taking screenshots. In some time, you can see the clicked screenshots. One thing that you will not like about mSpy is that the app might take a long time in uploading screenshots.

As expected by us, the app has no limitations to the number of screenshots. Each screenshot can be checked in full size and you can download them as well.

The date and time stamp make the tracking of Facebook with mSpy even more reliable.

Under the SOCIAL NETWORKS section, you will see the Facebook Tracking option. But this feature will only work if the target phone is rooted. So if you are tracking a non-rooted phone, you have to use the Screenrecorder feature only.

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Which Among The Given Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Works Best?

Although all the five apps work immaculately, bit still if we need to choose the best one, that would be KidsGuard Pro.

The app gives quick updates, both text and screenshots available, screenshots are downloadable, and there’s everything that you need.

Every other app had a few limitations, but not KidsGuard Pro. The only thing that was causing a problem was the search bar at the top. But we guess it’s not of much importance.


Can I Spy On My Girlfriend's Facebook Messages?

With spy apps, you can spy on your girlfriend's Facebook messages without letting her know about it.

Do Facebook Messenger Spy App Work?

Yes, Facebook Messenger spy apps work once you install them on the target Android phone. Don't worry as these apps work in the hidden mode.

How Can I Find Out Who My Boyfriend Is Talking To On Facebook?

You can know about the person your boyfriend is talking to with the help of an undetectable spy app.

Do I Need To Root The Android Phone For Monitoring Facebook Activities?

With all the apps mentioned above, there's no need to root the target phone for monitoring Facebook Messenger activities.

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