Does Vivint Spy On You? Can It Be Hacked?

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Vivint is one of the best smart home security companies in the USA. This company has been serving millions of households through its reliable home security products and professional customer support. However, some users fear the possibility of being spied on through their home security system.

If you doubt that Vivint is spying on you then don’t be afraid. I will thoroughly examine these allegations to search for the truth about whether Vivint is spying on you or not. Moreover, I will share some tricks to identify if your smart home security system is hacked or not. So without wasting any second let’s get going.

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Key Takeaways
Vivint does not spy on you but someone can use your Vivint security installations to remotely watch your activities. This may happen due to human mistakes or deliberate bugging during the maintenance of the installed cameras.

Does Vivint Spy On You?

No, Vivint does not spy on you. Vivint’s security system is known for its safety of user camera streams and stored video recordings on Vivint’s cloud servers. If you have installed Vivint home security in your home or you are planning to get one then rest assured the control of your privacy and home safety will be in your hands.

You can remotely access your camera and other security system through your phone or PC and arm or disarm the alarms from afar. Moreover, Vivint provides 24/7 professional assistance services to its customers.

However, Vivint’s security system can be used by someone to track every activity inside your home remotely.

Is Vivint spying on you

Can Vivint See My Cameras?

According to Vivint’s data & privacy policy, all of your Camera streams are stored on Vivint’s cloud servers in encrypted form and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you. However, a third person with sufficient knowledge can hack your Vivint’s smart home security through your login credentials.

Can Vivint Cameras Be Hacked?

Vivint uses 1024-bit encryption to hide the IP addresses of your connected cameras. This is one of the trusted methods to protect your valuable data. However, it is not impossible to break 1024-bit encryption. According to an article on Security Affairs, security researchers found a loophole CVE-2017-7526 in the GnuPG Crypto library that could be used to crack RSA-1024 bit encryption. In their research paper, they have explained a complete decryption process of RSA-1024.

Note: Keep in mind that these hacking processes are not easy to work with and sometimes user mistakes such as weak usernames, passwords, bad equipment handling, etc. result in a breach in their home security. 

How To Tell If Your Vivint Camera Is Hacked

If you think that your Vivint camera has been compromised then you can follow the below-mentioned methods to confirm your suspicion.

Check Camera Rotation

Check for rotation of your installed Vivint cameras. If you find anything unusual then change the password of your Vivint’s account. After that, log out from all connected devices and sign in to your phone or PC. With this, the unauthorized person will not be able to get access to your Vivint smart home security again.

Check Security Settings 

Check your Vivint account’s settings on your phone or laptop. If someone managed to hack into your Vivint account then you will find unusual changes in your account settings.

Unusual LED Flicking

Check for the LED indicator (lights) on your Vivint cameras. In case you notice abnormal flicking or illuminating LEDs then your Vivint smart home security may have been compromised. Moreover, if your camera motion sensor is making odd noises then reset your security settings or contact Vivint customer care.

Does Vivint spy on you

Precautionary Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Change Password

Update your Vivint account’s password regularly to keep your house safe from potential security breaches.

Monitor Camera Movements

Keep your eyes on your home’s cameras. If someone is watching you then the position of your installed cameras will be altered. Moreover, arm your alarm before going to sleep and whenever you are away from home.

Do Drill Test 

Do mock-up drills to test the effectiveness of your Vivnt’s smart home security. This way you will be able to identify any problems with your home security systems. However, it may cost you some money which depends on the city you live in. You can contact Vivint’s customer care to learn more about the false alarm.

Verify Vivint Security Agent 

Always ask for the security badge or ID number of the Vivint technician or representative. You can verify the Vivint agent’s identity here or contact customer care.

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Final Verdict

After a thorough investigation, I have found that Vivint does not spy on its customers. It is trying its best to ensure the safety of user’s data through encrypted cloud storage. However, no one can guarantee protection from potential cyber-attacks. The only thing you can do is to regularly check the safety of your home security system using the above-mentioned methods.


Can Vivint be used without monitoring?

Yes, you can use Vivint's home security systems without Vivint's monitoring services but you will not be able to use them through the Vivint app.

Can I use Vivint on my computer?

Yes, you can remotely monitor your home by logging in to Vivint's account through your laptop or office PC.

Can you tell if your security camera is hacked?

You can check whether your Vivint cameras have been compromised or not by noticing the unusual LED flicking or camera movement.

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