PMOYS Meaning & Other Common Snapchat Phrases Explained

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Internet acronyms are very popular among the youth of today, it helps them to communicate in an effective and stylish manner. Talking of youth, Snapchat is one app that is very popular among the new generation. If you are a parent to a teen then you need to monitor their activities on Snapchat as they can easily be exposed to adult content and meet strangers on it.

However, for proper understanding, while you’re tracking their Snapchat account, you need to learn some of the common Snapchat phrases kids use these days. The most popular ones are PMOYS, GAS, Streaks, etc. Let’s have a look at these acronyms one by one and what do they mean.

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What Does PMOYS Mean?

PMOYS meaning

PMOYS is a short form of “Put me on your Snapchat“. PMOYS is sent as a request or maybe as an order by someone to add their photo to your Snapchat story. This is done to show the friendship or to tell the world that the two people are dating. Hence, it is also a common phrase used by a cheating spouse on Snapchat.

Apart from that, it can also be sent as a friend request if you want to be friends with someone on Snapchat.

Some people also use this term when they want someone else to promote their story for more views. There can be multiple uses of this phrase and hence PMOYS is one the most used phrases on Snapchat.

Other Common Snapchat Phrases & Their Meaning

Snapchat phrases

1. SO – SO stands for a shoutout on Snapchat which means to give credit to someone.

2. Streaks – A streak is a kind of record that two users make on Snapchat by daily sending snaps to each other. The longer they snap each other the higher will be their streak count. If they miss sending a snap to each other for 24 hours then their streak will end. It is basically a fun way to see who is your best friend on Snapchat based on with whom you interact the most. To create a Snapstreak you need to send a snap to your friends for at least 3 days in a row.

3. GAS –  This is an acronym for “Good afternoon streaks“. It is basically used to greet your streak friends to differentiate them from others on Snapchat.

4. OOTD – OOTD means “outfit of the day“. This phrase is generally used by fashion bloggers to showcase their dress for a specific occasion or day.

5. Fam –  Fam is an acronym for family. On Snapchat users prefer calling their followers “Fam” to show that they consider them as family.

6. Bae – Youth use this word to describe their crush or lover. This phrase is not restricted to Snapchat only as it is used on other messaging apps as well.

7. MK – It stands for “Mm OK“. It is said when you give your affirmation to something on Snapchat.

8. SCB – SCB means “Snapchat Back“. This message is sent to people with whom you want to have a conversation again on the Snapchat app. It is also sent if you want to talk to someone urgently.

9. ICYMI – It is an acronym for “I See You Missed It“. This slang is sent to someone who missed the snap you have sent.

10. Trade – Trade means to exchange photos on Snapchat. So basically when someone sends you this message, they want you to send them your photo and then they will share their photo.

11. X For A Line – It means “Reply back to this snap with an X and I’ll send you what I think of you”.

12. RDH – It is a short form of Rate, Date, and Hate. This slang is used to ask someone how would they rate a particular person, and would they date or hate him/her.

13. RS – RS is an acronym for Round Snap”. You send this message when you want your friends to share a snap with all their followers on Snapchat. By doing so you can get more views on your snaps.

14. Scoop – On Snapchat, Scoop means to pick a friend from his or her place.

15. LGHT –  This phrase means “Let’s get high tonight”. Snapchat users send this message when they want to get drunk or have drugs.


So these were some of the most commonly used phrases on Snapchat. These were just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to learn more about Snapchat phrases then you can refer to this article. If you are a parent then you must know about the phrases kids use these days so that you can understand their language while monitoring them hence ensuring their safety online. Besides that, if your spouse uses Snapchat and other social media apps a lot then it is one of the cell phone signs of cheating in a relationship.


What Does BMS Mean In Snapchat?

What Is SFS Slang?

It may have multiple meanings for example, Snap for Snap, spam for spam, or shoutout for shoutout.

What Does KTS Mean In Snapchat?

It means Keep The Streak.

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