How To Spy On Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

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Are you suspecting that your boyfriend is cheating on you and you want to spy on his text messages to be sure?

Do not worry! I am here to help! In this article, I will tell you exactly how you can check your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s text messages online. And it does not matter whether they have an Android phone or an iPhone, whether they use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram, or any other social or instant messaging app, this method will work on them all.

When it comes to cheating, people generally use text messages to communicate because they can be quick to use and delete as well even if you are in front of your lover. So if you want to be sure if your lover is cheating on you or not then text messages is the place to look for.

So let us see how you can track the SMS of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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How To Check My Boyfriend’s/Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

There are a number of ways through which you can spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without them knowing. The most basic way is to take their phone when they are not around and read their messages on different social messaging apps. But as you know nobody leaves their phone out of their sight for long and you will only get a chance when they are using the bathroom. And not to say that you will not be able to see the deleted text messages.

So a better way to check your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s text messages is to do through a spy app. It will show you all the messages from all the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. And one of the best apps that I am using for quite some time is uMobix, it is a fantastic app and I just love it.

You only need physical access to your lover’s phone once to install the app, and once it is installed you never have to touch that ever again. It shows a lot of data regarding your lover’s phone rather than just showing you the data regarding messages and is very easy to install too. You can check our detailed review of the uMobix app if you want to know how to install it or want to know more about the app.

Once the app is installed you can log in to it on a web browser and see messages of your boyfriend or girlfriend remotely without them knowing.

How To Spy On Boyfriend’s Text Messages?

Once you are logged in to your uMobix account then you have to go to the ‘Messages’ option under the General menu. Once you are in you will be able to see all the text messages that have been sent or received on the phone in form of a table that will have 6 columns.

The first column will show you the id that you can ignore and the second column will show you the contact details of the person the target phone has sent or received a text from. This column will show you the name and number of the contact if it is saved in the target phone. Otherwise, it will just show you the number. The next column will have a block and unblock button, you can block or unblock a contact remotely.

Block Unblock

However, this feature didn’t work for me while testing it on my OnePlus Nord 2 running on Android 11. Even after blocking a contact, the target phone was able to send and receive messages from that particular contact. That said, it might work for you depending on your target phone and its OS.

The fourth column shows you an ‘Open Chat’ button, you can open any chat to see what messages have been shared between your boyfriend and the contact. Once you click on the button a new window will appear that will again have a table with 4 columns. The first column will have an Id, and the second column will have the exact message that was sent or received. A good thing about the uMobix is that it even shows you the emoji that was used in the message. And sometimes a smiley is enough to know the context of the conversation if you know what I mean. Wink!

The third column will show you the exact date and time the message was sent or received. And the last column shows you whether the message was sent or received. If the message was sent then it will show you ‘Outgoing’ and if the message was received then it will show you ‘Incoming’. Therefore you can know who started the conversation and who is talking about what.

One of the best features of this app is that it even logs the deleted text messages. It does not matter whether the target phone is online or not, once the text message is sent or received it will get logged into the app. And will be uploaded to your uMobix account once the target phone is connected to the Internet for you to check remotely. So even if your lover sends or receives a text message and later deletes it you will still be able to see that message without them knowing.

To help you spot a deleted message quickly, uMobix shows you a red flag under the ‘Open Chat’ button saying ‘Deleted Messages Were Found!’.

How To Check Girlfriend's Text Messages Without Her Knowing

And once I opened the chat then it also showed a red flag under the message that I deleted intentionally to test this feature. It was even showing the date and time of the deletion of the message. It is just amazing!

How To Spy On Boyfriend's Text Messages Online

If you go back to the previous window, then you will see the fifth column shows you the latest message that has been shared in the conversation. So you can choose to open the one that has a suspecting last message.

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How To See My Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Him Knowing?

With uMobix you can even check the WhatsApp messages of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Isn’t that crazy? However, like text messages, it does not show you the messages but instead shows you the screenshot of the chats. Whenever the WhatsApp app gets opened on the target phone, this WhatsApp spy app starts taking screenshots and these screenshots are then synced to your device once the target phone is connected to the Internet.

After logging in to your uMobix account, you need to go to the ‘WhatsApp’ option under the Social menu or you can find it under the ‘Unread’ option if there are new screenshots that you have not looked at.

Once you are in, then you will see a table with 3 columns. The first one shows you the ID, the second one shows you the screenshot and the last one shows you the date and time of taking the screenshot.

uMobix also shows you if the target device is using WhatsApp right now by a green label at the top saying ‘WhatsApp is online now‘. And you will also see a green label in front of the WhatsApp menu option saying ‘Online’. Therefore you can know if the conversation is still in process or not.

How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

It was pretty accurate in taking the screenshots of the chat and messages however I did notice a window where it could not take the screenshot. For example, I once sent a message and then deleted it immediately, during this the uMobix was not able to take the screenshot of that message.

Whatsapp Messages

The same is the case with receiving the message, I deleted the received message immediately and the uMobix was not able to take the screenshot. And in this case, there is no way to know what message was received but you can definitely make an intelligent guess by looking at the overall conversation and the reply.

However, you can still see the typed messages if you want in the ‘Keylogger’ option. It shows the exact message that was typed but it does not show you to whom that message was sent. It just keeps a log of the keystrokes according to the apps. You can read more about keylogger for Android.

Whatsapp Keylogger

With the help of regular screenshots and a keylogger, you can easily check who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp.

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How To Read My Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages Online?

Facebook has become a great place to meet new people however this can also result in an affair. So how can you check the messages of your boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook Messenger?

Do not worry, uMobix takes care of this too.

Like in the case of WhatsApp, it also takes screenshots when the Facebook Messenger is opened on the target phone and then sends them to your device over the Internet. Therefore you can keep an eye on the Facebook Messenger activities of your lover remotely.

How To Spy On Facebook Messenger Online

And if you can’t find the screenshot of a sudden message then you can go to keylogger to check the sent messages. And in case the received message was deleted immediately you can make an intelligent guess by looking at the reply.

Facebook Keylogger

It also shows if Facebook Messenger is live on the target phone or not.

How To Spy On Someone’s Instagram Direct Messages?

Instagram has become the talk of the town, everybody might not be on Facebook these days but everybody is on Instagram. So chances are very high that your lover must have met someone on Instagram. And as you know chatting on Instagram is even more secure, you do not have to delete your messages manually, just enable the vanish mode and everything is taken care of.

However, with uMobix on your side, you do not have to worry about Instagram as well. Like WhatsApp and Facebook, it also takes screenshots of Instagram as well. Therefore you can spy on Instagram DMs of your boyfriend/girlfriend too.

How To Spy On Someone’s Instagram Direct Messages

And if uMobix is not able to take screenshots of messages in vanish mode then its keylogger will let you know what your lover has typed and sent.

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How To Spy On My Boyfriend’s Snapchat Messages?

Like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, you can spy on your lover’s Snapchat messages too. uMobix will take the screenshots and upload them to your uMobix account and even if your lover deletes the messages immediately you will be able to see the sent messages in the Keylogger tab.

How To See Boyfriend’s Snapchat Messages

So these were some popular social messaging apps that everybody uses these days and on which you can keep an eye on using uMobix. However, if your boyfriend/girlfriend uses some other messaging app then also you do not have to worry. uMobix keeps eye on almost all the social messaging apps out there be it Tinder, TikTok, Zoom, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Kik, Line, Reddit, Discord, Dating, etc. Therefore you can have total peace of mind.

Social Messaging apps

Can You Spy On Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s text messages without installing software. You can simply take their phone and look for messages on all the social messaging apps but the person needs to be in another room and you will need a sufficient amount of time to search all the messaging apps. However, this seems very unlikely and I do not need to remind you that you will not be able to see the deleted text messages.

So it is better to use a spy app if you really have a suspicion and need to check the messages to be sure. The best spy app that I am using for a while now is uMobix.

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What App Can I Use To See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting?

You can use uMobix. It lets you spy on almost all social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, TikTok, etc.

Can I Read Text Messages From Another Phone On My Account?

Yes, you can read text messages of your lover remotely without them knowing. All you have to do is install a spy app like uMobix on the target phone.

Is There A Way To Read Someone’s Text Messages?

Yes, there are multiple ways to read someone’s text messages, however, the best way to do is through a spy app.

Can I Read Someone’s Texts Online?

Yes, you can read someone’s texts online. Many spy apps let you see the text messages online remotely without letting your lover know.

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