SpyBubble Pro Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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SpyBubble Pro


Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Easy installation and setup
  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Takes less time to sync the target phone
  • Better location accuracy
  • Does not affect the targeted phone's performance
  • Allows you to remotely monitor calls, messages, social media, etc
  • Lets you remotely block or delete contacts, messages, WiFi, internet websites, and harmful apps from the targeted phone


  • Doesn’t have a Geofencing feature
  • Can't record voice calls and video calls
  • It takes a long time to capture videos and audios from the target phone camera and mic

SpyBubble has been the best spying candidate for the safety of your loved ones or for catching a cheating spouse red-handed. It can be your digital eye to remotely monitor the target phone’s activities without letting them know and track their live location. Moreover, SpyBubble Pro does not limit itself to basic features. Instead, it allows you to view their search history, keylogger activities, call logs, and SMS.

However, all these features do not come for free but they promise you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Here are some key functions that make SpyBubble Pro a reliable investigative partner.

Call Logs Monitoring

SpyBubble provides a thorough report of all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from the targeted person that can go back to days, months, and even past year(s).

Remote Location Tracking

This feature shows the real-time location of your loved ones. To do this, SpyBubble uses the built-in GPS of the targeted phone without informing the user of the phone.

Social Media Monitoring

SpyBubble Pro allows you to check the target person’s social habits on various social media and instant messaging accounts such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc.

✔️ Why Do I Recommend SpyBubble Pro?

SpyBubble Pro includes all the promising features of an ideal spying software. Moreover, it is easy to install for first-time users and shows accurate location, SMS, and call data. So that you can gather sufficient evidence from the cheating spouse’s cell phone. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable remote monitoring app then SpyBubble Pro is the perfect choice for you.

❌ Why Don’t I Recommend SpyBubble Pro?

In case, you are specifically here for geofencing and call recording features then SpyBubble may not be a suitable spying app for you. However, you can check my other reviews on mSpy and KidsGuard Pro spy tools that will match your requirements.

SpyBubble Quick Review

SpyBubble Pro has an easy-to-understand User Interface (UI) that allows first-time users to remotely monitor the targeted phone’s activities on their device. Moreover, its installation process is simple and requires approximately 10 minutes to complete the setup on the targeted phone.

It supports both Android and iOS operating systems and disguises itself as a system app. While I was testing SpyBubble Pro, I was amazed by its accurate performance on location tracking, call logs, and messages which can go further back to 2021.

However, SpyBubble does not have call recording and geofencing features but its social media monitoring and search history are much better than uMobix. Overall, SpyBubble Pro is a user-friendly spying app that you can rely upon.

Free Trial No
Free DemoNo
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Monthly price$49.99/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iOS
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
Spy Listicles Rating9.1/10

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Detailed SpyBubble Pro Review

Now, you will be reading an exclusive SpyBubble Pro review where I’ve shared my experience after testing this dedicated investigating app. The review is going to be in-depth and a bit lengthy. That’s why I have divided it into specific quick links so that you can easily navigate through the SpyBubble review.

Quick Links 

Does SpyBubble Pro Offer A Free Demo?

No, SpyBubble Pro does not provide a free demo or free trial for its customers. However, it gives a one-month subscription plan with a 14-day money-back guarantee. In case, you wish to know whether SpyBubble is good or bad then read this comprehensive SpyBubble Pro review.

SpyBubble Compatibility

SpyBubble supports all the latest Android and iOS phones. Moreover, it can track and monitor a cheating spouse’s old smartphone. During my testing, I was able to check the compatibility of SpyBubble Pro on a 6-year-old Xiaomi Redmi 5A phone. You can check the compatibility of your husband’s or wife’s phone from SpyBubble’s official website by following the below steps:

Note: Your target Android Phone must be running on at least Android 4.0 or above otherwise, it won’t work. 

1. Visit SpyBubble Pro’s official site. Then scroll down to Works on all devices and enter the model name of your targeted phone into the search bar.

2. Finally, click on the Check button to know whether SpyBubble Pro is suitable for your target device or not.

SpyBubble Pro Review

How To Adjust Auto-Sync Time On SpyBubble Pro

Additionally, you can manually adjust the auto-sync time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. To do that:

First, click on the Profile icon and select Settings. With that, you will be taken to SpyBubble Pro’s settings page.

Auto Sync Time

Now, click on the slider bar to adjust the auto-sync time as per your preference.

How to use SpyBubble Pro dashboard

How To Use SpyBubble Pro Dashboard

SpyBubble Pro has a user-friendly dashboard where you can conveniently use all of its features to monitor your loved ones. Here you can see the UNREAD section on the left side column which lists all the notifications from the targeted phone. Moreover, SpyBubble has GENERAL, SOCIAL, MEDIA, and INTERNET sections to categorize its features according to their nature.

SpyBubble dashboard

What I liked about SpyBubble Pro’s dashboard is that it has a faster loading time and does not lag like its counterpart uMobix. Moreover, you can remotely monitor Locations, call logs, text messages, and recently added contacts from your loved ones.


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SpyBubble Pro Features

SpyBubble can help you to understand whether your life partner is cheating on you or not. It holds all the necessary features to be a perfect investigating buddy for you. SpyBubble Pro’s features are grouped into five sections UNREAD, GENERAL, SOCIAL, MEDIA, and INTERNET.


The UNREAD section includes notifications from calls, messages, installed applications, saved contacts, locations, connected WiFi, browsing activities, various social apps, and so on. It comes in handy to quickly view the target phone’s activities that have happened since you last checked your SpyBubble Pro account.

This section automatically highlights the currently used app or service with the green Online button.

green Online


This section hosts key features to remotely track the suspicious activities of a cheating wife or husband. SpyBubble shows accurate data about the call logs, messages, locations, and keyloggers from the target phone. Here is a thorough description of what I found during the testing of SpyBubble Pro.

SpyBubble Pro Features

1. Calls

Calls or call logs are a basic but essential feature of an ideal remote tracking & monitoring app. Once SpyBubble is installed on your cheating spouse’s phone, it displays the entire existing call logs from the targeted phone.

While testing SpyBubble Pro, I found that all of the calling records are neatly arranged in ascending order with their duration, status, and time & date stamps. I tested this feature by intentionally deleting some of my younger brother’s old and recent call logs and I was happy to see that deleted call logs were not removed from SpyBubble’s Calls feature.

Moreover, I was able to remotely block and unblock some of the contacts without his knowledge.

Note: In case, the targeted person had deleted some of his or her call logs before installing SpyBubble then you will not be able to see them. However, the existing and new call records will be displayed on your device and will not be affected if the targeted person deletes them from his or her phone.

2. Messages

Written words can reveal the true face of a person. You can remotely view your targeted person’s saved and deleted SMS without them knowing. Furthermore, you can block the conversation with any contact number from your child’s phone. However, this action is not advisable if you are using SpyBubble Pro to spy on your spouse.

View deleted text Messages on SpyBubble

3. Location

No doubt, SpyBubble’s location feature is better than uMobix. It shows the accurate location of the targeted phone. I could see that my younger brother had bunked from his school and where he had gone.


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4. App activity

This feature is the best way to monitor the time spent by your child on various apps and services on the targeted phone. It shows accurate data from 1 day to 1-week period. Moreover, SpyBubble represents data in graphs and pi charts for a better understanding of the spent time on the targeted phone.

App activity

5. Keylogger

The Keylogger shows every word (keystroke) the targeted person typed on his or her phone. It does not matter whether the typed content was searched on the internet for adult content by your child or sent to an illicit partner of your spouse. Once the word(s) is typed on the targeted phone, it will be saved on your SpyBubble Pro account. You can search any keystroke using SpyBubble’s Keylogger feature.

To access the Keylogger, click on Keylogger from the left side panel. Here, you will be able to see all the keystrokes along with the app on which they’re made on the target phone.

You can make use of the search bar to quickly check for specific words.


What I love about Keylogger is that it’s not case-sensitive. That’s why you can find keystroke(s) with the initial letters only and select the right one from the suggestion list. Moreover, you can get access to the targeted person’s usernames and passwords.

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6. Spyware scanner

It has one unique feature known as a spyware scanner, which can be used to detect spyware from your child’s phone. With this amazing feature, I was able to remotely block and delete suspicious apps from my brother’s phone.

Spyware scanner

How To Use SOCIAL Features On SpyBubble Account

In this SpyBubble Pro review, I have included some of the most popular social media apps that are used by cheaters to secretly talk with their new love interests. If you wonder, how SpyBubble Pro spies on the targeted phone’s social accounts then don’t worry. I will tell you how SpyBubble spies on your unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend’s social media and dating accounts.

Moreover, you can monitor your kid’s social media accounts such as Discord, Instagram, TikTok, etc. to see the kind of person he or she interacts with and keep your child away from cyber bullies. Here’s the list of social media & dating apps that SpyBubble offers to its customers:

Facebook MessengerYes

1. Can SpyBubble Pro Track Chats From Snapchat?

If your spouse thinks he or she can safely flirt with an illicit partner then this would be the biggest mistake that they would ever make. SpyBubble can capture the screenshot(s) of each sent and received text from the chat screen, Snaps, Bitmojis, Stories, and Spotlight every 10 seconds. Furthermore, it can capture instantly deleted chats without your husband or wife’s knowledge making it one of the best Snapchat spy apps.

Can SpyBubble Pro Track Chats From Snapchat

2. Does SpyBubble Monitor Chats From WhatsApp?

Similarly, if your better half is using WhatsApp for flirting or sexting then he or she can’t hide it from your eyes. You can use SpyBubble Pro to spy on WhatsApp and record chat conversations through screenshots. If things go south then these screenshots can be used as solid evidence.


Moreover, it can show you what kind of WhatsApp Channels your wife or husband is associated with.

WhatsApp Channels

3. Facebook & Facebook Messenger

SpyBubble Pro can help you to track all the activities from the target person’s Facebook account. It can take screenshots of Facebook posts, stories, liked posts and visited Facebook page(s).


Moreover, you can spy on Facebook Messenger as it lets you view the screenshots of your unfaithful wife or husband’s chats from Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger 

4. Instagram

With SpyBubble, you can spy on someone’s Instagram account and secretly check your spouse’s Instagram activities without their knowledge. To access SpyBubble’s Instagram feature, click on Instagram from the left-side menu.

left side menu

After that, you will be able to see the screenshots of your husband or wife’s Instagram stories, liked posts and comments, Reels, DMs, live video chats, etc.


5. Skype

Skype is considered a professional social media app that is used by millions of professionals around the globe. If you suspect that your girlfriend or boyfriend is having a secret relationship with someone else then you can use SpyBubble Pro to confirm your doubt. While I was testing SpyBubbble, I was able to spy on Skype videos & voice calls, messages, names of media files, etc.

Track Skype messages 

Skype video and voice calls

6. Telegram

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has been considered a secure social messaging platform for cheating spouses. However, SpyBubble Pro can help you track and monitor Telegram deleted and existing messages of your husband or wife without getting caught.


Telegram messages 

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The MEDIA section includes 3 prominent features Audio streams, Video streams, and Photo snapshots to gather data from the targeted phone’s surroundings. To do this, SpyBubble Pro uses the targeted device’s camera and mic sensors to spy on cheaters.

Audio streams

This feature allows you to record the audio conversation of the targeted person. You can listen to their talks without their knowledge. However, in my opinion, SpyBubble’s Audio stream feature did not perform up to my expectations. It was lacking in connectivity and clarity of spoken words. Whereas, uMobix’s Audio stream was far better than SpyBubble Pro’s Audio stream.

Video streams And Photo snapshots

Similarly, I found the Video stream taking a long time to initiate the video stream and had poor quality of the recorded video. Despite having trouble with bad audio-video quality, I was astonished with the working of the Photo snapshots. It was quickly connected to the targeted phone and the quality of the captured snaps was clear.

Photo snapshots



SpyBubble Pro lets you see the browsing activities and search history of your child’s phone without them knowing. With this feature, you can remotely track what kind of websites he or she visits and how much time your kid spends on sites.

Moreover, SpyBubble Pro authorizes you to censor your child’s internet activities by blocking desired website(s) from far away. The only thing you need to do is to select the Click to Block button.

Click to Block

Note: You can unblock the same website by selecting the Click to Unblock button.

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Can You Detect SpyBubble On Target Phone?

SpyBubble Pro hides itself on the targeted phone and erases every trace of getting detected by the targeted person which makes it invisible to the targeted user. However, if your cheating spouse decides to factory reset his or her phone then it will be removed from the targeted phone.

Is SpyBubble App Expensive Or Not?

No, SpyBubble is an affordable remote tracking and monitoring tool that can be used to guard your children from cyber and physical threats. SpyBubble provides 3 types of subscription plans from 1 month to 1 year at $49.99/month and $12.49/month respectively.

Is SpyBubble App Expensive

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How To Install SpyBubble Pro On Android Phone

The installation process of SpyBubble Pro is simple, all you need is at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted access to the targeted phone. However, if you are using a spying app for the first time then it can be tricky to set up the SpyBubble on the targeted phone. That’s why I have divided the whole installation and setup process into 4 parts as mentioned below:

Part 1: How To Create A SpyBubble Account

You can create your SpyBubble Pro Account from SpyBubble’s official website and sign up using your email address. To do this, follow the below steps:

1. First, open the SpyBubble’s website and click on the Try Now button.

Try Now

2. Then enter your registered email address and click on Create account.

email address

3. Next, select the type of operating system (OS) of your targeted device.

Select OS system

4. After that, select the subscription plan and complete the sign-up process to create a SpyBubble Pro account. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive your SpyBubble login details on your registered email ID.

Part 2: Disable Play Services

Now, you will need to disable the Play Services from the targeted phone. To install SpyBubble Pro on the targeted person’s phone you will need at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted physical access and a strong internet connection. Once you have both, follow the below steps to install the SpyBubble Pro on the cheater’s phone:

1. First, open the Google Play Store on the targeted phone and tap on the profile icon.

Profile icon

2. Then select Play Protect. After that, tap on the gear icon to open Play Protect Settings.

Play Protect

3. Finally, toggle off the Scan apps with Play Protect and your Play Protect will be disabled.

toggle off

Part 3: Steps To Download And Install SpyBubble On Target Android Phone

Once you have received the login credentials, use them to access the Spybubble Pro services and follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Sign in to your SpyBubble Pro account using the login credentials that you received on your registered email.

Login to SpyBubble Pro account

2. Then select the type of operating system and click on the Next button.

select the type of operating system

3. After this, a QR code will appear on your device display. Scan this code through the targeted phone’s camera and use it to download the SpyBubble APK file on the phone.

QR code

4. The target phone may show an alert about downloading harmful APK, ignore it and tap on the Download anyway button.

Download anyway

5. Once the download is over, open the SpyBubble Pro APK file from the downloads of the targeted phone and click on Install. It will take a few seconds to install SpyBubble on the phone.

Click on Install

Note: After installing SpyBubble APK on the targeted phone, save it on the phone’s home screen for easy access to further steps. 

Part 4: Setup SpyBubble On Phone

After you have successfully installed the SpyBubble app on your spouse’s phone, now we can begin the setup process. To do this, follow the below steps:

1. Once you have installed the SpyBubble Pro on the target phone, click on the Open button to initiate the setup process. Then tap on the Allow button to send notifications on the target phone.

SpyBubble Pro Review

2. After that, select AGREE AND CONTINUE to continue with the End-user license agreement (EULA). Next, give SpyBubble Pro permission to access the targeted device’s keylogger activities by tapping the ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING.


5. Then disable Play Services from the targeted phone’s settings. To do that, navigate yourself to the Accessibility settings and tap on the Installed apps below the Advanced settings. Next, tap on the Play services once to enable Restricted settings on the targeted phone.

Accessibility settings

6. Now, go back to the main settings page and scroll down to select Apps. Then, scroll down again until you find Play services.

How to setup SpyBubble Pro on Android phone

7. Once you have found the Play services, tap on it. Next, select the 3 white dots and tap on the Allow restricted settings.

Allow restricted settings

8. After that, go back to Accessibility and once again tap on the Installed apps below the Advanced settings. Next, turn on the Play services and allow SpyBubble to take control of your spouse’s phone.

turn on the Play services 

9. Finally, tap on the SETUP AUTOMATICALLY button. With that, SpyBubble will get access to all the necessary settings and permissions from the targeted phone. Once the setup is completed, the SpyBubble Pro app will disappear from the phone’s home screen and change to Play services. Now, you can put back your partner’s phone and remotely access the target phone from your phone or PC.


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How To Login To SpyBubble Account

Visit SpyBubble Pro’s official site. After that, enter your username and password from the email that you received from SpyBubble. Finally, click on the sign in button. By doing this, you will be directed to the SpyBubble Pro’s dashboard.

How To Login To SpyBubble Account

Is SpyBubble Pro Worth Buying? Final Verdict

After monitoring my younger brother’s phone for weeks, I have learned that if you wish to have accurate location tracking, call logs, SMS, and social media tracking then SpyBubble Pro could be a perfect choice to spend your hard-earned money on. Because its user interface is easy to use and it has a fast sync time. Moreover, it can monitor 20 social media apps and stay hidden on the targeted phone without attracting the unwanted attention of the targeted person.

Alternatively, if you want a remote monitoring and tracking app with call recording and geofencing features then it may not be an appropriate candidate for you.


How Does SpyBubble Pro Work?

SpyBubble Pro disguises itself as Play services on the target phone and accesses its call logs, contacts, media, GPS, camera, mic sensors, etc. to remotely track and monitor the activities of the target person.

Can We Use Two Spywares On One Phone?

No, you cannot use two spying apps on one phone because both app’s tracking and monitoring permissions will clash with each other and may damage the target phone.

Can SpyBubble Track Someone’s Location?

Yes, SpyBubble Pro uses GPS to remotely track a target phone’s actual locations without getting detected.

Can SpyBubble Record Phone Calls?

No, SpyBubble cannot record someone’s phone calls.

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