When Someone Doesn’t Reply To Your Text – Here’s What To Do

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Are you wondering what to do when someone is not replying to your text messages?

If yes then do not worry! In this article, I will tell you what exactly you should do if your girlfriend or boyfriend is not responding to your text messages. Not only this but at the end of the article, I am also going to tell you a method that you should follow if you think your partner is cheating on you. Because ignoring a girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s text messages is one of the signs of a cheating partner.

So keep reading!

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What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Reply To Your Text Messages?

What To Do When Someone In Not Replying To Your Text Messages

I know how it feels when you are waiting for someone’s reply to your text message but are not getting one. The wait feels like an eternity, every second feels like an hour. First few minutes you are filled with anxiety and you keep looking at your chat. For the next few minutes, you try to anticipate the reply. Then the next few minutes you start doubting yourself, you keep asking yourself have I said something wrong? You read your chat, again and again, to make sure that you haven’t said anything wrong. And then you are filled with anger and resentment.

Now you don’t know what to do? You keep asking yourself, why your girlfriend/boyfriend is not texting you back?

But do not worry! I am here to help. Here is what you should do.

1) Wait For A Few Hours

Before you jump to any conclusion, at least wait for a few hours. There can be multiple reasons why someone is not replying to your texts. It may happen that they are busy at work or their phone just broke, etc. Or it may happen that they got so overwhelmed by your text that they are taking time to figure out the reply.

It doesn’t always mean that they do not want to talk to you or that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you and ignoring your text messages. Let’s give them the benefit of doubt before jumping to a conclusion.

Therefore the first thing that you should do is wait for a few hours before doing anything else.

2) Send A Follow Up Text Or Start A New Conversation

Now look back at your chat and see if your earlier conversation was over or not. It may happen that they are not texting you back because they are thinking that your conversation got over and they don’t have any new conversation to start.

If this is the case then you can start a new conversation by talking about the things they like or you can also ask them something.

But if this is not the case, and you have waited for a few hours but haven’t got a reply yet then the next thing that you should do is send a follow-up text. Do not jump to a conclusion yet, remember you are still giving them benefit of the doubt. Just send your girlfriend/boyfriend a normal follow-up text. Say that you are worried because they haven’t replied to your text for a while and ask if everything is alright.

Once you send the follow-up text then again wait for a few hours before moving on to a conclusion or the next step.

3) Give Them A Call

If after doing a follow-up text or starting a new conversation you still haven’t got a response then the last thing that you should do is give them a call.

Calling and talking to them will reveal all the answers that you are looking for. You can ask them if they are alright or not and then you can also ask the reason they did not respond to your text messages.

While on the call, try to listen to their ambient sound so that you can have an idea of where they are and see if they are lying or not.

In case they don’t pick up your call then you need to worry. This is the time that you need to jump to a conclusion. If you were talking to your crush or someone you like then it can mean that they do not want to reciprocate your feelings. Now you should forget about them, let them go, and move on in your life.

But in case your girlfriend/boyfriend is ignoring your messages and calls then it means something is not right. They probably are having an affair and are cheating on you.

But do not worry. As discussed at the beginning of the article I have the solution for you too. Just keep reading.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Ignores Your Texts?

Ignoring text and calls is one of the signs of a cheating partner. If you think your girlfriend/boyfriend is often not responding to your texts and calls then chances are very high that they are cheating on you.

To make sure that you are right, you will have to take the help of a spy app. A spy app will help you track their call history and will help you get text messages from their phone sent to yours. Not only this but you will also be able to spy on their instant messaging apps and you can track their cell phone location as well, among various other things.

But the question that arises is which is the best spy app that can help you do this?

If I have to recommend you a spy app then I would suggest you go for uMobix. It is one of the best spy apps for a cheating partner.

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How Long Should You Wait For A Text Response?

You should wait for at least 2 hours before leaving someone another text.

Should I Confront Someone Who Is Ignoring Me?

Yes, you should confront the person who is ignoring you. This way you can either get a reason or you can get closure.

Should You Text Again If No reply?

Yes, you should at least do a follow-up text after waiting for a few hours.

Is Replying Late A Red Flag?

Yes, if someone is replying late every time you text them then it can mean that they are not as interested in talking to you.

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