How To Track Skype Calls On Phone & PC Remotely

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Do you want to know how to track the Skype calls of your lover? Are you looking for a way to spy on your lover’s or child’s Skype call so that you can know if they are cheating on you or not?

Skype may not be as popular as other social messaging apps when it comes to calling your partner. But hey this is what makes it a perfect option to call your secret lover because no one will suspect a thing. While monitoring someone everybody is more interested in spying on their LINE activities and monitoring their Tinder account but ignore Skype calls and call logs.

But if you are looking to track your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Skype calls then it means that you are smarter than most people. And needless to say, you are on the right track in revealing the hidden secrets of your partner, if they really exist!

The question that arises is can you spy on someone’s Skype calls? If yes, then how can you track someone’s Skype calls remotely without them knowing? Do not worry, I am gonna tell you just that in this article. So keep reading!

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How To Track Skype Calls And Call Logs?

Cheaters mainly use the social calling app that is least likely to reveal their affair and one such app is Skype. So how can you track your husband’s or wife’s Skype calls?

You can take their phone or laptop and check their Skype call history. As simple as that!

If you are reading this line then you know how feasible the above option is in today’s world. Firstly, you will need physical access to their phone and laptop every time you want to check their Skype call history. Secondly, if they delete their tracks then you will not be able to find out anything. And believe me, no cheater is as dumb and the first thing that they do is delete all the records.

So what is a better way of spying on someone’s Skype calls, you ask?

The best way to track your husband’s or wife’s Skype call is by using a spy app. Now, the next question that must be arising on your mind is which is the best spy app to monitor Skype calls without root or jailbreak?

Since Skype can be used on both laptops/PC and smartphones so you will need to use 2 different spy apps to track the calls on both. The best app to keep an eye on someone’s Skype calls made by a cell phone is the uMobix. And the best app to track Skype calls made by PC/laptop is pcTattletale.

Both these apps I use personally and just love. Both the apps let you do much more than just spying on Skype calls. They are both very easy to install and use. You will need physical access to target devices once to install these apps and then you can track users’ Skype calls remotely without them knowing. If you want to know more about these apps or want to know the step-by-step process of installing these apps then you can read my uMobix review and pcTattletale review.

How To Spy On Someone’s Skype Calls Made Through Phone?

Let us first see how you can track Skype calls of your child/boyfriend/girlfriend that they made through their cell phone and then we will look into Skype calls made through PC/laptop.

As discussed, uMobix is the spy app that lets you spy on the Skype calls made through the Skype cell phone app. So you will need to install the uMobix app on the target phone. Once you have installed it on the target phone then you can see their Skype calls and much more by logging in to your uMobix account. To log in to your uMobix account, you will have to use your phone’s, laptop’s, or desktop’s web browser.

Once you are logged in to your account, then you will have to find the Social menu option on the left menu strip. Under the Social option, look for the Skype option and click on it. Once you click on the Skype option, a window will open on the right that will contain a table with 3 columns.

uMobix Skype Dashboard

The first column of the table will consist of an ID that is of no use. The second column will contain the most important data, the data that you want to see i.e. screenshots of the Skype calls and call logs. Yes, uMobix starts taking screenshots as soon as the user opens the Skype app on the target phone. It then sends them to your uMobix account where you can see them remotely without them knowing. The third column shows you the date and time of taking the screenshot. Isn’t this cool?

While I was testing uMobix on my One Plus Nord 2 that runs on Android 11 OS, it worked flawlessly. And it was quick in taking the screenshots and it even synced all the images within 15 minutes to my uMobix account.

The good things that I liked about uMobix while using it are:

  • It shows you whether the target phone user is online on Skype or not. If they are online then you will see a green label stating Skype is online now on the top and it also shows you a green label saying Online on the side of the Skype option on the left menu strip. So this way you can know if your husband or wife is still on Skype call or not. Also, you can expect to see more screenshots in no time.uMobix skype
  • If there are some screenshots related to Skype that you have not seen till now then it shows you the Skype menu option with the number of unseen screenshots under the Unread menu option on the top of the left menu strip. This makes it easy to locate and know if there are new screenshots for me to see.

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How To Monitor Someone’s Skype Call Made Through PC Remotely Without Them Knowing?

To track someone’s Skype calls made through PC you will have to install the spy app called pcTattletale on the target laptop/desktop. Once you have installed the app on the target PC then you will have to log in to your pcTattletale account on the web browser of your phone or laptop.

Unlike uMobix, pcTattletale does not show you the screenshots but it shows you the actual recording of the activities that are done on the target PC.

Once you are logged in to your account then you by default will be in the dashboard and you will be able to see all the recordings thumbnail. You can click on any of the recordings to see it.

How To Track Someone's Skype Calls Remotely Without Them Knowing

Once you click on the recording the video player will start playing the recording and you can navigate back and forth to see the part that you need to see. pcTattletale also lets you download the video in mp4 format and it also gives you the option to see the live recording of the target PC. And while I was testing its Live video recording on my Acer Aspire 3 laptop which is running on Windows 10, the difference between the actual Skype activity and the recording was hardly 10-15 seconds, which is just amazing.

PCtattletale Recording Screenshot

This way you can keep track of someone’s Skype calls made by PC/laptop remotely without them even knowing.

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Why Use Two Different Spy Apps And Not One For Both PC And Cell Phone?

Now, this is all good but I know you must be wondering as to why I am not using the same software to spy on both PC and cell phone, right?

pcTattletale is a good spy app to spy on someone’s PC but when it comes to cell phones it simply lacks a number of features. It only shows you a recording of the laptop or the cell phone other than that it does not offer much. So it is good for spying on a PC but not on a cell phone.

uMobix on the other hand is a great mobile spy app. It lets you spy on almost everything that you can use on your cell phone. But sadly its PC version is not available. So if you want to spy on PC Skype calls and call logs then you should use pcTattletale and if you want to spy on cell phone Skype calls then you should use uMobix.


Can You Spy On Someone’s Skype Calls?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s Skype call by using a spy app like uMobix and pcTattletale.

How Can I See Someone’s Skype Call Logs?

You can see someone’s Skype call logs either by physically accessing their phone or PC or by installing a spy app on the target device.

Can Skype Calls Be Tracked?

Yes, Skype calls can be tracked.

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