How To Hire A Private Investigator To Catch Cheating Spouse?

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Do you want to know how you can hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse?

If yes then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will tell you exactly how to hire a private investigator to catch a cheating girlfriend/wife. Not only this, but I will also tell you if private investigators are worth it or not. And how you can make use of technology to catch a cheating partner.

So keep reading!

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How To Hire A Private Investigator To Catch Cheating Spouse?

If you have a doubt that your husband or wife is cheating on you and you want to hire a private investigator to make sure then it is actually pretty easy. You can do it in three different ways.

1) Search On Google

How To Hire A Private Investigator To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Like any other thing, search it on Google first. Just type “Private Investigators Near Me” and hit enter.

Google will then show you all the private investigators that are listed on Google in your vicinity. Not only this but it will also show you their address and contact details. And it will also show you the ratings that users have given them.

You can choose the one that has got good ratings and you can get in touch with them to enquire more.

2) Ask Your Family And Friends

If you can trust your family and friends to keep their mouths shut, then you can ask them if they have ever hired a private investigator. Because they will be able to recommend someone who is good at what he does.

3) Hire From Freelance Websites

You can also check freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Freelancers, all around the world upload their work profiles on these websites. If you do your research well then you will find a good private investigator on these platforms.

Are Private Investigators Worth It?

If you ask me then I would say no. Private investigators are not worth it. And I have two reasons because of why I am saying this.

1) Cost

The first reason is cost. In my experience, the cost to hire a good private investigator for a cheating spouse is somewhere around $100 an hour. Which I think is costly, because there are other cheaper options available in the market. And we will discuss these options in the latter part of this article.

2) Efficiency

The efficiency of private investigators varies of course. But what they will be able to find out is not guaranteed. And how much time they will take to dig out things is also not guaranteed. And it can also happen that your cheating partner is so good that a private investigator will not be able to find anything.

3) Trust

Put a hand on your heart and answer this question. Can you trust a private investigator?

Well, I am a little skeptical so I would say trusting a private investigator is not a good idea. To get paid they can show you false evidence and ruin your relationships. Or it can happen that they can use the gathered information to blackmail you and your partner.

However, there are certain ways that you can count on to definitely reveal the hidden secrets about your cheating spouse. Keep reading to know about these ways.

Technology To Catch A Cheating Partner

Humans cannot guarantee things but technology can. So, why not make use of technology?

But the question is how to use technology to catch a cheating wife/girlfriend?

The technological device that everyone carries with them 24/7 is the mobile phone. So why don’t you make use of your spouse’s cell phone to catch them cheating on you? Because, if your girlfriend/wife is cheating then she must be using her cell phone in one or the other way.

But how can you spy on someone’s phone without them knowing?

All you have to do is install a spy app on their cell phone and you are good to go. The best part of using a spy app is that you will be able to see all their cell phone data remotely without them knowing.

But the questions that arise are: Which is the best spy app for cheating spouse? What will it be able to do? And how much is it gonna cost?

Don’t worry! Keep reading to find out the answers.

Which Is The Best Spy App And What It Can Do?

There are many spy apps available in the market that can help you catch a cheating husband/wife. But the one that I use and which is specifically designed to catch a cheating partner is SpyBubble Pro.

Let me tell you in detail what it can do.

1) Track Calls And Messages


SpyBubble Pro will let you track the call logs and messages of your cheating wife/girlfriend. Therefore you will be able to know with whom they talk to that too remotely without them knowing.

2) Spy On Their Social Media Apps

Social Media

People are always online on social media apps these days. And these apps are also used to talk to one another right? So if your partner is cheating on you then they must be using one of these apps. With SpyBubble Pro, you will be able to track your boyfriend’s text messages on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

3) Track Their Location

Track Location

SpyBubble Pro will also let you track the location of your cheating spouse remotely without them knowing. So that’s you can know where they are spending their day.

4) Check Phone Gallery

Phone Gallery

With SpyBubble Pro, you will also be able to spy on the phone gallery. You will be able to see all the photos and videos that your girlfriend/wife has on her cell phone. And if they have stored a pic or video with their secret lover then you will be able to see it.

5) Access Their Cell Phone Remotely

SpyBubble Pro also lets you access the microphone of a cell phone remotely. Not only this but you will also be able to spy on someone using their cell phone camera. So you will be able to listen to their ambient sounds and take photos and videos remotely without them knowing.

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Cost Of The Spy Apps

Different spy apps come with different costs. If we talk about SpyBubble Pro, then it is priced at 49.99/month and it will even cost you less if you pay for a quarter or year upfront. And there are a handful of other cheap spy apps.

So overall, a spy app will cost you just a fraction of what you will have to pay if you hire a private investigator.

Which One Should You Choose?

Should you choose technology? Or should you choose a private investigator?

By now, I am sure that you must have made your pick already. But if you haven’t, then let me help you out.

A private investigator used to be a go-to guy if you had to find out something about your cheating partner. But we are now living in the 21st century, and we are surrounded by technology. So why you should not make use of it?

It will be much more efficient than the private investigator and needless to say, it will be much cheaper as well.


Can You Hire Someone To See If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Yes, you can definitely hire someone to see if your spouse is cheating or not. However, a better way would be to use a spy app like SpyBubble Pro.

How Do I Investigate If My Husband Is Cheating Or Not?

You can check his cell phone to see if he is cheating or not. To do this remotely and without him knowing, you can use a spy app like SpyBubble Pro.

Can I Hire Someone To Find Out If My Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Yes, you can hire a private investigator to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.

How Much Does A Private Investigator Costs?

A private investigator costs somewhere around $100/hour. Needless to say, this is just an average price and it can vary according to the location or private investigator.

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