Is CrowdStrike Spyware? Is It Legit?

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CrowdStrike is an Austin, Texas-based American cybersecurity company. It offers endpoint security, cyberattack response, and intelligence threat services. However, some CrowdStrike users have raised questions on online forums about issues related to their data & privacy. If you suspect that CrowdStrike is spying on you then do not worry. I will thoroughly investigate the user’s concerns to find out whether CrowdStrike is spyware or not. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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Key Takeaways 
CrowdStrike is not a spying tool nor does it spy on you. However, it is widely used by employers to protect their employee’s devices from cyberattacks and track their internet activity.  Moreover, CrowdStrike allows the user to restrict or block some services of the targeted device.

Is CrowdStrike Spyware?

CrowdStrike is a dominating cybersecurity company in the USA with its reliable endpoint security, intelligence threat, and cyber attack response services. Moreover, CrowdStrike Inc. has worked in major cyberattack investigations such as the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, and the 2015 email leak in the Democratic National Committee(DNC), with the American government.

Despite, all of such achievements, some CrowdStrike users have raised questions on online forums such as Reddit, MacRumors, Linux, etc. about issues related to their data & privacy. According to these, platforms, many employees were forced to replace their office laptop’s existing antivirus with CrowdStrike Falcon. So that the employers can safeguard the company’s data from potential threats.

Is CrowdStrike Spyware

However, there was another side that worried the employees. One of the employees complained that CrowdStrike Falcon is constantly scanning his device and transmitting the scanned data to CrowdStrike cloud servers. The data then could be reviewed by his boss at any time without his consent. The employee wanted to disable the Falcon agent from his PC because it was restricting some key features on his Macbook Pro but he failed to do it.

In short, CrowdStrike is not spyware but it can be used to monitor user’s web activity and restrict some features by CrowdStrike Falcon administrator.

Can CrowdStrike Be Trusted With Your Data?

According to CrowdStrike’s data & privacy policy, the company collects information like your IP address, web browser, device name, etc. your data is safely collected and stored. CrowdStrike may use your data to provide a better user experience. Moreover, the company may use your information for advertisement and marketing purposes. All of the data is gathered within the data and privacy laws and with the user’s permission.

Precautionary Tips

Here are some of the essential tips and tricks to protect your data and privacy:

Don’t Use Your Private Accounts

Do not log in to your private accounts on your office laptop or PC to keep yourself safe from unknown troubles.

Don’t Share Personal Information

Never share any sensitive information through your work laptop which can be used against you.

Contact Your IT Department 

In case, you are experiencing any problems or you want to remove or replace some information from your office laptop then you can contact your IT department to solve the issue.

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Is CrowdStrike Legit? Final Verdict

Yes, CrowdStrike is a genuine cybersecurity company and you can trust CrowdStrike for the safety of the company’s data. CrowdStrike Falcon can be quickly installed on the targeted PC without affecting the system’s performance. Moreover, the Falcon tool stores the required data on CrowdStrike cloud servers which can be reviewed by the administrator anytime.


Does CrowdStrike Collect Your Data?

Yes, CrowdStrike may collect essential information about you and your device to provide a better and more secure user experience.

How Long Does CrowdStrike Keep Your Data?

CrowdStrike's data retention period may vary according to your employer or IT department's requirements.

Can CrowdStrike Be Trusted?

Yes, as an employer or employee, you can rely on CrowdStrike services for the safety of your crucial data.

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