Most Inappropriate YouTube Channels & How To Block Them?

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Is your kid using a lot of YouTube these days? Are you wondering which are the inappropriate YouTube channels for kids?

Through this article, I will tell you which are the bad YouTube channels that not only kids but even adults should not watch. Not only this but I will also share with you how exactly you can block specific channels on YouTube. So that you can have peace of mind that your kids are not watching anything on YouTube that is not appropriate for them.

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What Are The Most Inappropriate YouTube Channels For Kids?

YouTube is a great boon as well as a bane for both kids and adults. It is filled with information that anyone can access and learn new things. If used correctly, it can teach you a lot of things that you will not get anywhere else.

However, it is also filled with content that is inappropriate for children as well as their parents (adults). So, without wasting more time, let me tell you about the channels that do not post appropriate content on YouTube for kids.

I have marked the YouTube channel inappropriate if its content shows:

  • Sex, nudity, or adult videos
  • Hate speech or vulgar language
  • Inappropriate pranks, etc.

Let us now look at the list of some of the most inappropriate YouTube channels.

1) PewDiePie


PewDiePie has a whopping 111M subscribers but when it comes to its content and videos, I think they are not at all appropriate for kids of any age. In fact, some videos are bad for adults too. The videos on this channel are mostly related to adult jokes, sex, rapes, etc. Therefore you should block it right away.

2) iDubbbz, iDubbbzTV, & iDubbbzTV2


Just restrict your kids from watching videos from the channel containing iDubbbz in its name. There are multiple channels by its creator and all of them are a few of the worst YouTube channels for kids.

The videos of these channels are filled with adult jokes, which are not at all appropriate for teenagers. Even the thumbnail of their videos is disgusting and I will even recommend adults not to watch this channel, it is just bad. I don’t know how they have managed to gain millions of subscribers and who are these people that watch such videos.

3) Logan Paul

Logan Paul

This channel is by a YouTuber named Logan Paul. It has more than 23M subscribers but if we talk about his videos then they are inappropriate for kids. He does all kinds of weird and harmful experiments in his videos, which can turn out to be very dangerous for teenagers if they try to follow the same. Therefore, you should not let your children watch his videos and block this channel right away.

4) SML


When you will open the SML YouTube channel, you will be like what can be wrong with this one, it looks all cartoony which kids will love. But you are wrong, its videos contain cartoons and stuff but what makes it inappropriate is violence, vulgar language, abuse, etc. which can have a very bad impact on the children. It is one of the worst YouTube channels for kids available today.

5) Onision

Worst YouTube Channels

The next YouTube channel that you should restrict for your teenagers is Onision. One look at the thumbnail of its videos and you will understand why it is on our list of inappropriate YouTube channels. The content on this channel is super creepy and contains some serious dark comedy. I found it so creepy that I will not even recommend it to adults.

6) HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids will again seem like a channel that kids will enjoy but the reality is very different. This channel videos contain experiments that a group of teenagers perform. Some videos are really interesting however I have found some of their videos to be really dangerous.

Kids like to imitate things very quickly and if they try to imitate some of the experiments on this channel then it can be dangerous for them. Therefore, you should block this YouTube channel as well.

7) Dramaalert

Inappropriate YouTube Channels

Dramaalert is one of the bad channels on YouTube. Content on this channel mostly contains making fun of other people. But their way of making fun is very wrong, I found it more on the side of cyberbullying. The videos contain comments that are very racial and offensive. If your kid will watch this channel then the outcome will not be nice at all. You should restrict this YouTube channel right away.

8) Leafy Is Here

Videos on Leafy Is Here are almost the same as on the Dramaalert YouTube channel. The videos of this channel promote cyberbullying, trolling, and abusive behavior and language. This according to me is very inappropriate not only for kids but for adults as well.

9) Adult Prank Channels

Other than these, you should also block adult prank YouTube channels for your kids. Adult prank channels contain videos that are not at all appropriate for teenagers or children. The video content from these channels contains kissing, abducting, murder, etc. pranks. This makes them the worst YouTube channels for children.

How To Block Inappropriate YouTube Channels?

Now that you know which YouTube channels you should block for your children and yourself. Let us now see how to block specific channels on YouTube. There are actually a few methods which you can use, let me tell you about them one by one.

1) Using YouTube

YouTube itself provides you the option to block a particular channel. Since your children can see YouTube videos on both PC and smartphones. Therefore let me tell you how you can restrict specific YouTube channels on the computer as well as on the cell phone.

a) Block Specific YouTube Channels On Computer

  1. Open the web browser on your kid’s laptop/desktop and go to
  2. Search and open the channel that you want to block.
  3. Go to the About section.Block Channel On PC Step 3
  4. Click on the flag icon and then click on the Block User option.Block Channel On PC Step 4

b) Block Specific YouTube Channels On Cell Phone

  1. Open the YouTube app on your kid’s cell phone.
  2. Search and open the YouTube channel you want to restrict.
  3. Tap on the three dots present at the top right corner.Block Channel On Mobile Step 3
  4. Now, tap on Block User.Block Channel On Mobile Step 4

So this is how you can use YouTube itself to block specific YouTube channels. However, the drawback of this method is that the YouTube channel will stay blocked for a particular YouTube account. If your kids make another YouTube account then they will again be able to access the blocked YouTube channels.

2) Using Smartphone Settings

It does not matter whether your children use Android or iPhone, you will find settings that you can use as parental control.

Android cell phones these days come with Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control settings that you can use to remotely control your kid’s cell phone. You can set it up, link your Android phone with your child’s phone, and then you will be able to restrict YouTube channels remotely from your own cell phone. Not only specific but you can even block all the inappropriate channels using it. Once blocked, your kid will not be able to watch those channels either on the YouTube app or on the Google Chrome browser.

Similarly, on iPhone/iPad, you can use Content & Privacy Restrictions settings to prevent your teenager from accessing inappropriate YouTube channels.

3) Using A Spy App

The best method to block inappropriate YouTube channels for your kids is to make use of a parental control spy app. With the help of a spy app, you will not only be able to block specific YouTube channels but will also be able to see what other channels your kid watches. And the best part of using a spy app is that you can do all of this remotely without your kids knowing.

To use a spy app, all you have to do is install it on your child’s cell phone and you will be good to go. You will then be able to keep an eye on their every YouTube activity and block the channels remotely.

Not only this, with the help of a spy app, you will be able to:

Should Your Kids Use YouTube?

Yes, your kids should use YouTube without a doubt. As I said earlier, it is full of very useful content that your kids can really learn from. It’s just a few of the inappropriate channels that can be harmful to your children.

Other than these inappropriate YouTube channels, I don’t see any other reason why your teenagers should not use YouTube. And once these channels are restricted, there are a lot of things that you and your kids can learn on YouTube.


Can You Restrict YouTube To Certain Channels?

Yes, you can block the channels on YouTube that you do not want your kids to see.

How Do I Block A YouTube Channel?

You can block a specific channel by going to its about section and clicking on the flag icon.

How Do I Stop My Child From Watching Certain Videos On YouTube?

You can block that channel whose videos you do not want your teenagers to see.

Can I Block Specific YouTube Channel On My Children's Smartphone Remotely?

Yes, you can restrict the Youtube channels on your child’s cell phone remotely without them knowing with the help of a spy app.

How Do You Filter YouTube Videos?

You can use Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control on Android, and Content & Privacy Restrictions on iPhone to filter out video content on YouTube.

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