MoniMaster Review: Is It Legit?

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Installation & Set Up


Ease Of Use






Time Taken To Sync Target Phone Data


Impact On Performance Of Target Device


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Easy installation and setup
  • Easy-to-understand User Interface
  • MoniMaster takes less time to sync with the target person's phone
  • Accurate location tracking and Geofencing
  • It lets you download photos and screenshots from the target cell phone
  • It lets you remotely delete photos from the target phone
  • You can download video previews from the target person's phone
  • It can record phone calls in good quality
  • It can record VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) clearly
  • It allows you export data from the target phone to your device


  • Doesn't indicate currently used social apps or other services on MoniMaster Dashboard
  • The preview window is very small
  • Limited iPhone monitoring
  • Only shows the preview photo in the Video Preview Feature

Do you worry about your kid’s safety on the internet? Or do you doubt your spouse’s loyalty? If you wish to protect your child from the unknown dangers of the internet or verify whether your partner is faithful to you or not then you have come to the right page. In this review, I will share my experience with the MoniMaster parental control and remote cell phone tracking app.

MoniMaster is well known for its accurate remote tracking and parenting control features. It holds all the best features such as call recording, geofence, location tracking, and social media monitoring which make it an ideal and reliable candidate for protecting your kid. Though MoniMaster is not a free app, it offers a free demo and a 30-day money-back guarantee including 24/7 customer support.

Call Recording 

MoniMaster offers a call recording feature to their customers. You can record phone and voice calls from various social media apps without rooting the target phone.


MoniMaster’s Geofence feature can help you set up a safe area for your child. In case, your kid leaves the preset geofence location then it will send an alert notification on your phone with the real-time location of the target cell phone.

Social Media Tracking 

MoniMaster can track and monitor a target person’s social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Skype, Tinder, Telegram, Instagram, etc. without getting detected.

Why Do I Recommend MoniMaster?

✔️ MoniMaster is easy to use and takes only about 5-7 minutes to install and set up the MoniMaster app on the target person’s phone. Moreover, it takes only a few seconds to sync with the target phone.

✔️ It has a user-friendly dashboard where you can see the device information, app activities, and the last known location of the targeted person.

✔️ It has geolocation and call recording features to track and record real-time data from your cheating husband or wife’s phone.

✔️ MoniMaster is invisible and cannot be detected by the targeted person. Moreover, it is secure to use and does not affect the overall performance of the target phone.

✔️ You can remotely take the target phone’s screenshots and record ambient sounds and download them on your phone or PC.

Why I Don’t Recommend MoniMaster?

❌ MoniMaster only shows and does not highlight deleted text messages and social media chats on the MoniMaster account.

❌ It does not show the currently used social media apps on the MoniMaster dashboard.

❌ It does not allow the user to remotely restrict phone numbers, harmful websites, etc. on your child’s phone.

MoniMaster Quick Review

MoniMaster can help you monitor your target person’s accurate location, internet & social media activities, keylogger, browser history, and so on. It is easy to install on target phones and faster to sync than its counterparts such as uMobix and SpyBubble. Moreover, it is completely hidden and allows you to download call recordings and photos from your cheating husband or wife’s cell phone to your device.

However, MoniMaster does not highlight deleted messages like SpyBubble Pro does but it can quickly capture every text message and shared media even if the target person has intentionally deleted them from his or her phone.

Free Trial No
Free DemoYes
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Monthly price$29.99/ month for Android & 39.99/month for iPhone
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iOS
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
Spy Listicles Rating9.2/10

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MoniMaster Full Review

After rigorously testing MoniMaster for a month. Now, I have decided to share my experience through this comprehensive MoniMaster review. I am sure it will help you in choosing the best remote monitoring and tracking app for guarding your loved ones or checking your spouse’s cell phone without them knowing. Moreover, I have break down this detailed MoniMaster review into several parts so that you can navigate yourself to the specific parts by clicking on the below links:

Quick Links 

Is MoniMaster Free?

No, MoniMaster parental control and remote tracking is not a free app. However, it offers its customers a free demo of its dashboard and all features such as call and screen recording, app activities, browser history, social media apps, keylogger, etc. Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its new customers.

Is MoniMaster Legit?

Yes, MoniMaster is an SSL-certified authentic website and cell phone tracking app. Furthermore, MoniMaster has been serving its customers for many years and it has never been blacklisted for its operations.

MoniMaster Compatibility

MoniMaster can be used on Android and iOS operating systems. It takes approximately 5 minutes to install & set up on the target device. Moreover, it is undetectable and works silently without interfering with the overall performance of the target cell phone.

How To Use MoniMaster Dashboard

MoniMaster has a dashboard for first-time users and it does not bore you at all. Moreover, you will find features like WhatsApp, Calls, Messages, Photos, and Browser History on the top of the dashboard page. So that, you can quickly access the calls, messages, or photos from your cheating girlfriend or boyfriend’s cell phone.

Dashboard quick features

MoniMaster does not limit itself here. Instead, it displays other key features such as App activities, Last Known Location, Latest Keylogs, and Recent Screenshots from the target device.

How to use MoniMaster dashboard

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MoniMaster Features

MoniMaster is well equipped with lots of useful features that are necessary for a working remote phone tracking app. While I was examining the MoniMaster cell phone tracking app, I was delighted to use some of its advanced features like App Library, App Calls, and Track Keywords. Here, I have written a detailed description of its prominent features below:

1. Logs

Logs is one of the coolest features I have come across, it creates a detailed timeline of every target phone’s activity such as screen unlock-lock time, battery usage alerts, charging, and so on.

Logs activities

Moreover, this feature displays notifications from your disloyal partner’s phone on your MoniMaster account. With this tool, I could see notifications from various social media accounts, emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.

2. Phone Files

The phone Files section houses several important features like Call Logs, Messages, Contacts, Browser History, App Activity, Keylogger, and more. I have tested these features on my teenage son’s phone and I believe that these tools would be useful to monitor and protect your child’s well-being.

2.1 Call Logs

Call logs show a neatly organized call history from the target cell phone. I could see the name, contact number, call type, date, and call duration on my device. Moreover, MoniMaster has added specialized icons for incoming, outgoing, and canceled calls on the MoniMaster user interface.

Call logs

2.2 Can I Read My Kid’s Texts Remotely?

Yes, MoniMaster’s Messages feature lets you access your child’s text messages without them knowing. You can remotely view the contact number or the name of their friends and shared text messages on your MoniMaster account. Moreover, the intentionally deleted texts will not be removed from your MoniMaster account.


2.3 Contacts

The contacts feature explains what kind of people your child is friends with. You can check their name, face, cell phone number, email address, etc.


2.4 Browser History

Do you worry about your child’s digital well-being? If yes, then don’t be afraid. You can check your child’s browser history without them knowing. However, the only drawback I found in this feature was that I cannot remotely restrict or block harmful websites.

how to check your child's browser history without them knowing

2.5 Photos & Video Preview

With this feature, you can easily access and download the target person’s stored photos from their phone gallery without their knowledge. You can remotely download photos from your kid’s phone by following the below steps:

1. First, click on the Photos from the left-side menu then double click on the folder you wish to download photos from.

Photos folder

2. After that, you will see multiple photos with their date and time stamps from the target phone’s gallery. Finally, click on the small download icon under the photo you wish to download on your device.

How to remotely download photos on MpniMaster 

Note: Similarly, you can use the Video Preview feature to view and download video thumbnails from the target phone.

2.6 App Activities

The App Activities feature shows information such as name, version, application size, installation date, total visits, and total activity time for all installed apps from the target cell phone. Genuinely speaking, after learning this feature, I could monitor my son’s app activities during his study hours. Same way, this feature can track your husband or wife’s app activities without getting caught.

App Activities

2.7 Keylogger

Keylogger is one of the basic features of any cell phone tracking app but most of them fail to work properly. However, MoniMaster’s Keylogger is way better than I had expected it to be. It is faster, more accurate, and takes only a couple of seconds to sync with the target person’s phone.


2.8 App Library

App Library keeps a detailed record of all installed and uninstalled apps from your kid’s phone. It includes the list of the application’s name, size, version, the date and time when the app was installed on the target phone and the date & time stamp for the last use. Moreover, you can also see uninstalled apps from the targeted device.

Installed apps

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3. Location Tracking

This section is dedicated to location tracking-related features such as Locations, Geofence, and Wi-Fi Logger.

3.1 Locations

Truthfully speaking, I did not expect this feature to work this well. Yet, it performed beyond my expectations. While testing MoniMaster cell phone tracking, I was able to see my son’s real-time location on my phone. Furthermore, I could view past location details with pinpoint accuracy including Address, Longitude and latitude, and location time of the target phone.


3.2 Geofence

MoniMaster’s Geofence is one of the best features that you can have for the safety of your loved ones. With this feature, you can set up a safe area of a 1000-meter radius from your child’s usual location. If he or she leaves the preset perimeter then you will get notified through email. Moreover, you can also create a restricted zone where your kid is not supposed to go.


3.3 Wi-Fi Logger

MoniMaster’s Wi-Fi Logger keeps a thorough list of all connected Wi-Fi and the coordinates of the target phone. This feature includes the Name of the Wi-Fi, the Starting & ending time of connection, and the total duration.

Wi Fi Logger

Moreover, you can see the actual location of the WiFi by clicking on the WiFi Location and you will be led to the pinpoint location through Google Maps.

4. How Does MoniMaster Track Social Media Of Target User’s Phone

Social media has been the best platform for connecting with the people of your taste. However, it has been used by some unfaithful spouses for filtering and sexting. Therefore, MoniMaster takes screenshots of all actual activities and records chat conversations in Keylogger whenever the target person uses any social media account.

If you wish to know whether your girlfriend or boyfriend is loyal to you or not then this MoniMaster review could be an invaluable tool for social media tracking.

How Does MoniMaster Track Social Media On Target Users

Moreover, you can remotely download the screenshots of any social media accounts without them knowing. To do that, just click on the tiny download icon below the screenshot you wish to download.

4.1 Instagram

MoniMaster can easily monitor someone’s Instagram account by showing you the shared media, live videos, video & voice calls, watched reels, liked stories, posts, Instagram feeds, threads, and most importantly Instagram direct messages between your cheating spouse and their illicit love interest. Moreover, MoniMaster records the exchanged Instagram DMs with its keylogger.


Additionally, you can remotely download the screenshot(s) of your partner’s Instagram messages and shared media content by clicking on the download icon.

Download icon 

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4.2 Snapchat

Do you know that Snapchat’s Delete chats after viewing feature is the main reason that attracts many spouses and disloyal boyfriends and girlfriends to chat with their illegitimate love interest? However, rest assured, MoniMaster can easily spy on someone’s Snapchat and track all the chats and shared snaps, stickers, videos & voice calls without them knowing.

I have thoroughly analyzed the Snapchat feature by enabling Delete chats after viewing on the target cell phone and I was happy to see that MoniMaster quickly captured the Delete chats after viewing in a few seconds.

4.3 How To Track Someone’s Tinder Profile Without Them Knowing

Tinder is one of the first choices of disloyal husbands or wives to find their new love interests. However, MoniMaster can easily spy on their Tinder account and expose their secret affair by taking screenshots and capturing all the exchanged messages with the help of the keylogger.

You can see who your partner is spending time with. Furthermore, the MoniMaster can quickly record all the received notifications from the target person’s phone.


4.5 WhatsApp

MoniMaster takes screenshots of all received messages, video & voice calls, visited WhatsApp channels, etc. It can record sent messages with its keylogger.

4.6 Facebook

Monitoring Facebook is quicker and easier than I had expected it to be. It was faster to take screenshots of deleted Facebook messages. If you think that your wife or husband is having a secret affair with someone on Facebook then you can use the MoniMaster remote monitoring app to clear your suspicion.


4.7 Messenger Or Facebook Messenger

MoniMaster can effectively create a detailed record of all chat conversations and screenshots of viewed or exchanged media on Facebook Messenger. Just click on the screenshot to view the chat conversation or the face of the person your unfaithful partner is talking to on the video call. You can get the latest screenshots and chats by clicking on the blue Sync button which makes it one of the best Facebook Messenger spy apps.

MoniMaster comprehensive review

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4.8 Discord

If you fear that your child is spending excessive time on Discord and what kind of people he is engaged with, then do not worry. MoniMaster can help you to get on their Discord account without them knowing. Truly speaking, MoniMaster is way better at helping me with checking my son’s Discord activities. Now, I know that my child is safe and he is in a good friend circle.


Similarly, you can use the MoniMaster remote tracking app to check your husband or wife’s social accounts such as Telegram, Skype, Kik, Viber, Line, WeChat, and QQ.

5. Video Apps

This section is supposed to represent a neatly organized timeline of the watch and search history of YouTube and TikTok video streaming apps. However, I was disappointed to see that none of these social media features were working on my MoniMaster account.

6. Live Recording

MoniMaster’s Live Recording includes 4 features for remote reconnaissance – Record Surround, App Calls, Record Calls, and Record Screen. Now, I am going to explain how these features work.

6.1 Record Surround

The Record Surround feature can easily access the mic sensor from the target user’s phone. With this tool, you can record your husband’s secret conversation from 2 minutes to 15 minutes without waking his phone screen.

Record Surround

Note: You can listen to the recorded sounds or conversations from the target cell phone by clicking on the small play icon.

6.2 App Calls

Seriously, I loved this feature because, in other tracking apps like SpyBubble Pro and uMobix, I could only see the screenshots that the target person had called someone on social media or instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. However, what they had talked about remained a mystery which led to some serious misunderstandings.

On the other hand, MoniMaster provides solid and undeniable evidence of a husband or wife’s infidelity. You can listen to WhatsApp calls and VoIP call recordings of the calls made on these apps and that too without root. You can listen to the app recordings from various social media apps by following the below steps:

1. First, click on the App Calls and select the social media app you wish to listen to the call recording(s) from. Then select the play icon

2. After that, a small popup will appear on your device’s screen. Finally, click on the Play/pause icon to listen to the app recording.

Play or pause the app call

Note: You can download a copy of recorded App call(s) from the MoniMaster account to your device. 

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6.3 Does MoniMaster Record Calls?

Not only VoIP calls but you can also remotely record and listen to the target person’s cellular phone calls without getting caught. So far, my experience with this feature has been above my expectations. I could listen to the call recordings without affecting the performance of the target phone. The quality of the recorded phone calls was clear with minute interference.

Does MoniMaster Record Calls

Note: You can listen and download call recordings using the steps mentioned above.

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6.4 Record Screen

MoniMaster allows you to remotely record a target phone’s screen activities from 15 seconds to 1 minute to see someone’s phone screen on your device. You can use this amazing feature by following the below steps:

1. First, open the Record Screen feature on the MoniMaster dashboard and click on the Record Now drop-down button. Then select the time you want to record your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone screen remotely.

Record Now

2. By doing this, MoniMaster will automatically start the screen recording on the target phone. Once the recording is done, you can play the recorded video by clicking on the Play button. Moreover, you can download it by selecting the Download icon.

7. Remote Control

MoniMaster’s Remote Control section lets its users remotely access the target user’s camera sensor without getting detected. While I was testing MoniMaster, I could easily capture screenshots and photos from the target person’s both Front and Read cameras without enabling Flashlight.

7.1 Capture Screenshots

I have thoroughly analyzed this feature and concluded that the quality of the taken screenshots was better than SpyBybble Pro and I could see multiple screenshots at once. Furthermore, I was able to download the captured screenshots on my device.

Capture Screenshots

7.2 Take Photos

You can hack into the target phone’s front and rear cameras and take quality photos without getting detected. During the test, I was able to take photos without waking up the target cell phone’s screen. However, bear in mind, if your spouse has put their phone into the pocket then you would not be able to take photos remotely.

Take Photos

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8. Data Export

You can export the target user’s data from the MoniMaster account to your phone or PC. With this feature, I could download Call Logs, Messages, Contacts, Browser History, App Activities, Wi-Fi Logger, Keylogger, Social Media chats, Watch & Search history of YouTube & TikTok respectively in CSV format.

To do this, click on the drop-down list beside Modules and select one feature from the list. Finally, click on the Export button to remotely download your partner’s phone data on your device.

How to export the target user's data from the MoniMaster account to your phone

Note: Keep in mind that Data Export cannot download media files. The Media files can be downloaded from each feature. Furthermore, MoniMaster’s Data Export feature can only extract 1000 thousand items in one go.

How Much Does MoniMaster Cost?

MoniMaster is way cheaper than its counterparts such as uMobix and SpyBubble Pro. MoniMaster for Android only costs you $29.99 for a 1-month subscription plan and $8.32/month if you subscribe to MoniMaster for 1 year.

Similarly, you can get MoniMaster for your iPhone starting at $39.99 for 1 month and $9.16/month if you purchase it for one year.

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How To Install MoniMaster On Target Android Phone

The installation process of MoniMaster is straightforward and it takes only 5-7 minutes to download, install, and set up MoniMaster on your cheating partner’s phone. To do this, you will need a strong internet connection and uninterrupted physical access to your spouse’s cell phone for at least 5 minutes.

But before you do that, make sure to purchase the MoniMaster license so that you can get login credentials to your email address from the official MoniMaster website. Then follow the below steps to install & set up MoniMaster on the target cell phone:

Note: Once you have installed the MoniMaster tracking app on the target user’s phone, you will never need to touch their phone again.

1. First, sign in to your MoniMaster account with the correct username and password on your phone or PC.

2. Next, open the target phone’s browser and visit the app download URL shown in your MoniMaster account. Then Slide right to download the MoniMaster APK on the target user’s phone.

How to download MoniMaster APK on target phone a

3. Once the download is completed, tap on the MoniMaster APK and select the Install button. The installation will be done in a few seconds. After that, tap on the Open button to open the MoniMaster setup process.


4. Now, you will see the MoniMaster End User Licensing Agreement on the target phone’s screen. Tap on the Agree button and sign in to the MoniMaster account.

Enter details

5. After this, enter the essential details of the target person such as Name, sex, and Age then select Next. Now, you will see the configuration process on your child’s phone, tap on the Configuration button and follow the on-screen instructions to the MoniMaster setup process.

Tap on Configuration

6. Once the configuration is completed, tap on the Verify Set-Up button on the target phone and also click on the Verify Setup button on your MoniMaster account to complete the setup process.

Click on Verify Set-Up

7. Finally, select Hide MoniMaster Pro Assistant and with this, MoniMaster’s installation & setup process will be completed. From now on, you can remotely track the target cell phone without touching it.

Hide MoniMaster Pro Assistant

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Final Verdict

I have evaluated Monimaster based on ease of use, accuracy, sync time, features, and data representation for about a month. Now I have concluded, that MoniMaster stands best for remote tracking and parental control for you. It is fast> and easy to use with a lovely user interface. You can rely on its accurate information like app activities, locations, search history, etc. Above all, these features are available at more affordable prices than rival products.


Is It Safe To Use MoniMaster?

Yes, MoniMaster is 100% safe and secure.

Do I Need To Root The Target Phone First?

No, MoniMaster can be installed without rooting the target cell phone. Moreover, installing and setting up MoniMaster on the target phone requires only 5 minutes.

Is It Possible To See What Someone Else Is Doing On Their Phone?

Once you have successfully installed and set up the MoniMaster remote monitoring app on the target phone then you will be able to remotely see their activities from your phone.

How Can I Track My Husband’s Phone?

You can view your husband’s phone by secretly installing the MoniMaster remote tracking app on his phone.

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